Thanks to Harder Blogger Faster for there help in premièring the amazing video for Chrome.

Bxentric has been churning out choice nuggets of disco gold for a few years now, having released music on esteemed labels including Eskimo and Glasgow Underground this month marks the unveiling of his new label, Nanda Records.

With a new EP on its way on July 20 – and a new sense of direction – we’ve managed to bagged the premiere of the oh-so trippy video for his new single ‘Chrome’, that’s sees acid reconciled through the prism of disco.

Check out the video above and read the interview with the producer below, where he talks about the label’s name, where he’d like to see it in 5 years, and why it’s called Nanda Records.

Hello Bxentric – tell us your name and where you’re from?

Hey nice to meet you, I feel like I’m on blind date with this first question (sorry I’m taken) ha! So my name is Bryn and home for me is Hackney in East London but I was born and raised on a playground called North Wales where I played Disco outside of my school, when a couple of guys who were up to no good, started making….actually you don’t need my life story ;).

So you’re launching your own label, Nanda Records, alongside your new single ‘Chrome’ on July 20, that’s a brave move in today’s climate isn’t?

I don’t know if it’s brave but I do know it feels like the right time to take on my own record label. I’ve a few years of experience now, along with a great team of friends to support my vision. It’s so exiting to create my own label and a platform for my friends to get involved with too.


Bxentric – Chrome from NandaRecs on Vimeo.